“This support means life to me, I almost lost my child to the cold”

The high-density suburb of Ngangu in Chimanimani which used to be a hive of activity with traders bringing wares from neighbouring Mozambique and farmers supplying markets as far as Harare has been devastated by the effects of Cyclone Idai. The Cyclone struck the area with heavy rains and violent winds. Both homes and livelihoods were destroyed, leaving residents seeking refuge in collective centres such as churches, schools and shops. Those whose homes remained standing are also supporting friends and relatives where they can, with almost 95% of those who have lost their homes seeking refuge with host communities.

Sarafina Shohwa of Ngangu Extension had just given birth when the disaster struck. The cyclone destroyed the house that she built with her husband and sadly her husband and four year old son also lost their lives in the disaster. She managed to escape with her 2-week-old baby. The collective centre in Chimanimani Golf Club is what she now calls home, together with other 63 people who also lost their homes and belongings in Cyclone Idai and are temporarily housed there.

“I came here on the night the cyclone destroyed my home, I only managed to escape with my baby. We slept here without blankets, I feared for my child’s health since this area is very cold. I needed blankets, clothes to wear and soap to wash and bath. I had nothing.” Said 34-year-old Sarafina.

Chimanimani Golf Club is one of the collective centres which IOM Zimbabwe has supported with much needed NonFood Items,

in partnership with Econet. IOM together with Econet Zimbabwe distributed Non-Food Items (NFI) kits, clothes and shoes to 24 households living at the club. An additional 56 households were supported at other collective centres in Chimanimani. “Their support means life to me, it came when I feared losing my child to the cold. I received blankets, clothes, kitchen utensils, soap and candles,” narrated Sarafina.

IOM Zimbabwe continues to reach out to Cyclone Idai affected communities as it receives positive response to its appeal for support from its funding partners.  Funds donated by CERF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan supported the procurement of a 43-ton consignment with 8,000 tarpaulins, 4,800 mosquito nets and 2,400 buckets. The tarpaulins will support a total of 4000 families with emergency shelter, enabling them to carry out basic repairs to their partially damaged houses. Mosquito nets and buckets will assist 2400 families who lost key household items in targeted disaster affected areas.


For more information please contact Varaidzo Mudombi at IOM Zimbabwe – telephone +263242704285 email: [email protected]