Consultancy services for the video documentation


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Zimbabwe is implementing the Promoting Migration in Zimbabwe Project (PMGZ) targeting the Government of Zimbabwe, Civil Society Organizations, Zimbabwean Diaspora Associations to contribute to the establishment of a migration governance framework (Policy, institutional and legislative) in Zimbabwe that supports State actors to manage migration in dialogue with non-state actors and in a migrant centred, gender sensitive, rights based and development oriented manner.

The project is premised on the following strategic objectives:

  1. To achieve strengthened institutional capacity and adoption of a coherent and gender sensitive policy and legislative framework for a comprehensive approach to migration.
  2. To achieve enhanced participation and contribution of Zimbabwean women and men in the Diaspora in national development initiatives, including engagement with the Government.

This consultancy will provide video documentation of the PMGZ project focusing on project activities, success stories, stories of most significant change, best practices and case studies in line with project result areas:

  • Strengthened institutional capacity for the coordination of migration management.
  • Coherent and gender sensitive migration management policy framework.
  • Enhanced protection of migrant rights through improved legislation.
  • Improved modalities for dialogue and engagement with diaspora.

Working closely with IOM’s Projects Support Unit, the consultant will produce a 20-minute-high definition video documentary:

  • Capturing and summarizing the PMGZ project including the best practices and evidence of impact with the voices of government stakeholders, rural district councils, community representatives, members of the diaspora and the funding partner (European Union).
  • Expressing personal stories of most significant changes from project participants at national and community level.
  • Capturing lessons learned from various stakeholders from the implementation of the project to guide future programmes of a similar nature.

Objective of the consultancy

The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce a high definition video documentary and high-resolution photographs that can be used in various communications platforms. This will involve travelling to remote locations in Zimbabwe to collect the necessary material.


The consultant(s) would specifically:

  • Develop the documentary film’s overall concept and scenario.
  • Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be reviewed by IOM before filming.
  • Submit a final storyboard and script after integrating IOM input.
  • Interview selected participants for the film who will include government partners, rural district councils, community representatives, members of the diaspora and the funding partner.
  • Undertake field work, including attending workshops to document case studies, stories of change, capture video and photographic footage.
  • Perform appropriate video filming and shoot interviews with the projects’ beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Edit final video, inclusive of inputs from IOM Project Team and work on the final production. This will involve putting together all the clips, putting voice overs/narration, translations, appropriate music, fonts/titles, and translations (where appropriate).
  • Present a draft documentary to IOM for comments on contents.
  • Produce one final high definition 20-minute documentary.
  • Produce 3-minute shorter documentary version.
  • Present the complete documentary versions, and hand over at least 10 master copies of each version on DVD format and 2 copies of raw footage to IOM.
  • Develop a multimedia toolkit containing all documentation outputs.

Tangible and measurable output of the work assignment:

  • A 20-minute-high definition documentary produced in English, (with translations where necessary) at highest market quality standards, high-definition, fast paced and colourful, with clean stylistic touches. The total running time of the documentary is to be 20 minutes.
  • A 3-minute shorter version video clips compatible with social media platforms.
  • At least three detailed case studies/ stories of change.
  • An interactive multimedia toolkit containing video clips, case studies/ stories of change and photographs.

Expected Duration of the Assignment

The assignment is expected to take 30 days. The final product i.e. the documentary as well as all the raw material and project files, should be delivered to IOM on an external hard drive no later than 7 February 2020.

Intellectual Property

All information pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, digital, cyber, project documents, etc) belonging to IOM, which the service provider may come into contact with in the performance of his/her, duties under this consultancy shall remain the property of IOM who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever form without written permission of IOM.

 Qualifications and Competencies:

  • More than 5years experience working in similar field.
  •  Extensive experience in producing development work documentaries for international organisations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences.
  • Experience in working with UN agencies and other international organizations.
  • Local knowledge of the provinces and languages in Zimbabwe.
  • Excellent technical capacities, access to highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment to ensure smooth and high-quality production.
  • Ability to operate under strict time limits and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining high level of professionalism.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Equipment for the Assignment

Detailed list with technical information of the equipment intended for use, including camera, light, sound, editing software etc. No equipment will be purchased or provided by IOM. Any equipment needed to complete this assignment will be provided by the service provider.

How to apply:

  • A Technical Proposal stating why you consider your service suitable for the assignment and a brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment.
  • Personal CVs of technical personnel proposed for this project highlighting qualifications and experience in similar projects.
  • Work references - contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees (firms for whom you’ve produced similar assignments).
  • Three links to work samples demonstrating most relevant previous productions.
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment.
  • Sample work previously done for other clients.

Submit to:

The Procurement Assistant

IOM Zimbabwe

Number 4 Duthie Road,

Alexandra Park,


Or electronically to

Closing deadline for submission of expression of interest is 6 December 2019.





Closing Date: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2019