Movements and Resettlements

Humanitarian assistance to Refugees

In collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, IOM facilitates the departure and resettlement of refugees to various resettlement countries. IOM assists with medicals, cultural orientation and travel arrangements for beneficiary refugees. IOM also assists with voluntary repatriation of stranded migrants back to their countries.The main resettlement countries are Canada, USA, Australia.There are also a few UNHCR voluntary repatriation cases to Sudan, DRC and Rwanda.

IOM Travel Assistance

IOM humanitarian support to migrants includes one-way travel assistance to individuals and families travelling/migrating/immigrating to establish new lives in new countries.

IOM travel assistance is available to those holding visas to Australia, Canada, the United States, UK and other destinations worldwide. The types of visas include:

  • Humanitarian visas
  • Family reunification visas
  • Skilled migrant visas
  • Student visas

IOM has global agreements with over 30 airlines and has negotiated discounted airfares for the travel of migrants across the world.

  • The benefits of IOM travel assistance include:
  • Discounted airfares
  • Most direct routings
  • Flexible ticket conditions. No penalty for date changes and full refund on ticket cost on cancellation.
  • Airport transit assistance
  • Generous luggage allowance
  • Transit visa waiver assistance

IOM travel assistance allows travel and other related costs to be paid by sponsors or relatives in destination countries on behalf of migrants who do not have sufficient funds to independently purchase tickets.

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