IOM facilitates Capacity Development Workshop and knowledge exchange on Ethical Recruitment in the Southern Africa Region

VICTORIA FALLS – The Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is hosting a Regional Capacity Development Workshop on Ethical Recruitment in Victoria Falls. This programme is being hosted under the auspices of the Africa Regional Migration Programme (ARMP) and the Southern Africa Migration Management (SAMM) project.

The main thrust of the workshop is to strengthen and enhance regional mechanisms and policy convergence on fair and ethical recruitment practices. This is in line with the decision of the SADC Employment and Labour Sector (ELS) and the recommendations of the 2019 Migration Dialogue in Southern Africa (MIDSA) held in Windhoek Namibia. The workshop brings together officials from SADC countries, representing Ministries and the Private Sector entities whose mandates relate to labour migration.

The key highlights of the workshop are the overview of the Africa Regional Migration Programme (ARMP) and sharing country experiences on the protection of migrant workers in the context of mixed migration and labour mobility. The programme will introduce participants to the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) which is an IOM flagship initiative to promote ethical recruitment of migrant workers. IRIS is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that supports governments, civil society, the private sector, and recruiters to establish ethical recruitment as a norm in cross-border labour migration. Its aim is to make international recruitment fair for everyone involved: migrant workers, employers, recruiters and countries of origin and destination.

In a statement, IOM Zimbabwe Chief of Mission, Mario Lito Malanca, expressed gratitude to the Government of Zimbabwe for its continued leadership and firm commitment in promoting good migration governance, demonstrated through hosting this regional workshop. The workshop reaffirms, he said, the importance of international cooperation in facilitating international mobility, including cross border recruitment. Mr. Malanca warned of the risks of fraudulent and unethical practices by unscrupulous labour recruiters which can lead to conditions of human trafficking and forced labour. He acknowledged the steady progress in the implementation of the National Labour Migration Policy, which will be a vital component of Zimbabwe’s recovery efforts from COVID-19 and in addressing access to decent working opportunities in countries of destination.

Mr. Malanca highlighted that the forthcoming establishment of the Migrant Resource Centres in Harare and Bulawayo which will provide a much-needed avenue for migrants to facilitate pre-departure orientation, inform on the dangers of human trafficking, whilst also facilitating referrals to service providers. ‘These initiatives align with the holistic approach taken by IOM in Zimbabwe under its Strategy (2022-2025) in ensuring effective coordination and strengthened capacities for good labour migration governance by the Government of Zimbabwe, private and social partners as well as regional Member states’, Malanca said.

In a statement ahead of the knowledge exchange, the Minister of Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare Hon. Prof. Paul Mavima applauded the cordial relationship between IOM and the Second Republic, demonstrated by the holding of this important Regional Capacity Building Workshop on Ethical Recruitment fundamentals. The Second Republic has prioritized migration issues in its Vision 2030, being implemented under the National Economic Blueprint, the NDS1 (2022-2025). After the successful launch of the National Labour Migration Policy in 2021, significant progress   towards the implementation of the agreed activities and strategies such as this workshop to deal with rampant irregular migration flows and its vices which includes, among other issues; human trafficking, forced labour as well as child labour characterized our region is being witnessed.

The Minister reiterated the importance of the workshop in cultivating relevant knowledge and skills to Member States in enhancing country policies and programming on migration issues as well regional cooperation and harmonization on recruitment procedures and systems. The workshop will also foster and offers the scope to the participants not only to share about their country’s experiences but to also discuss on strengthening bilateral labour agreements in terms of strategy and policy options. “As Government we are also excited about the establishment of the Harare and Bulawayo Resource Centre. This is a clear testimony of Government, and its Partners resolve to deliver on the deliverables under the new policy. This initiative will produce empowered and informed labour migrants with respect to irregular migration, and the mechanisms for their protection and empowerment against abuse and exploitation in destination countries”, said the Minister.


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