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Diaspora Research: Call for Consultants

IOM Zimbabwe seeks suitably qualified individuals to undertake diaspora research in these areas:

  1. Diaspora mapping and profiling survey

  2. Participation and capacity needs assessment

Please follow link for more information on the research. 

Women and Zimbabwean researchers in the diaspora are strongly encouraged to apply.

  Services 13 February 2019 8 March 2019

Promoting Migration Governance in Zimbabwe – Research and Policy Brief on Diaspora Bonds as a potential financial instrument for Zimbabwe

Terms of Reference


  Services 15 October 2018 26 October 2018

Promoting Migration Governance in Zimbabwe- Migration Law Review

  1. Terms of Reference
  Services 10 September 2017 22 October 2017

Promoting Migration Governance in Zimbabwe – Compilation of the Zimbabwe Migration Profile

  1. Call for Research Papers on Migration policy briefs
  2. Consultancy ToR - Migration Research Briefs - Reaping the Zimbabwe Diaspora Dividend
  3. Consultancy ToR -Migration Research Briefs KAP TIP
  4. Consultancy ToR -Migration Research Briefs-IBM


Services 3 September 2017 22 October 2017